Repentance! ! !

Poem By Samudeen M.A. Ilimu

I have now seen the light
It does shine bright
I was a lost soul chasing after fame and might
but He found me and held me tight

There is a silver lining around every cloud
Repent today and be not arrogant and proud
Do not be deceived by the fame and hailing crowd
It's about time you turn to Him and say His name aloud

After all is said and done
The inevitable spares no one
Left in the grave all alone
Slowly but surely you end up unknown

On the day when it matters most
In the presence of Allah (God) as Judge and Host
Glad-tidings to those who earn His favour and smile
They are granted the Jannah more beautiful than a field of decorated lily of the Nile

It is never too late to turn and repent to Him
Follow His way not our caprice and whim
He forever awaits and loves you
Repent today and now! That's my advice to you

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