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Replacing God
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Replacing God

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

At the famous Cleveland Clinic
works a rather nasty cynic.
Name is Nissen, he is sure
that he's found the final cure

for the heart and all its failings.
So he sent out two big mailings
to the people in all lands
making clear his strange demands.

'Let's put statins in the water!
It will help each son and daughter,
healthy and in perfect nick,
I myself want no one sick.

But it is a well-known fact
that God's work has always lacked
all the basics for survival.
I don't mean to be his rival

No I say it straight of face:
It is I who shall replace
him who bungled his creation,
gave to humans fornication.

Didn't know the basic science
thus I stand here in defiance.
Jesus likewise was not smart,
could not fix an ailing heart.

Well, may I present the answer
to infarct as well as cancer.
Block the pathway God has chosen,
keep cholesterol well frozen.

Kill, as well, ubiquinone
as it is a substance prone
to affect my medication,
which would bring the obligation

to announce to common folks
that Big Pharma makes no jokes.
So, I say, do trust physicians,
let us make all your decisions.

I'm your King and I alone
God has now been overthrown.

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Comments (2)

Yeah, you've pretty much destroyed my faith in doctors Herbert. (present company excluded of course) . I guess it's good that you are opening our eyes....but it sure is confusing and frightening. Sincerely, mary
Some doctors do believe they can play God.....