Poem Hunter
(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)


Poem By Cecelia Weir

Jim was a man
No one seemed
To could ever stand.
Because everywhere he shown up
Just his presence
Made resentful demands.

He made everyones life miserable
Just for him
To even be around.
Because all he ever done
Was complained
And put other people down.

Then one very fine day
Poor Ole Jim fell apart.
People were arguing
And fussing
When Jim discovered
It was he who made it start.

Now Jim didn't like it
Being left out
And pushed aside.
So he bit his own bullet
And swallowed up
All of his pride.

Jim replaced his negatives
With righteous thoughts
Of prosperity and progress,
Kindness and success.
And now when he was around
He never started no mess.

Jims' replactitude
Was admirable to see.
And when you met Jim anywhere
You couldn't have ever imagined
A better person
You could meet.

Have you checked your Jim lately?
Lifes' way of inducung bitterness
That sometimes build
What you don't see.
Notice it does quietly stop you
From being the best you can be.

Well shake it all off
Get back the life you use to be.
Let nothing stop you
Including the good folks
That want to build you
Into what they want you to be.

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