Replenishment Through The Muses

Insensitivities suppress harmless assumptions precluding an ineptness
of whimsical idiocies are concocting a ludicrous and preposterous chronic.
Ineffective scenarios in their impropriety abase the scholastic presumption
of inner logic instead of farcical presentations of illogical twists however ironic.
Though the gullible may ponder and contemplate we reveal the juxtaposition
to divulge the incongruities flaunting the peacock's wings without pretentiousness.
Disguising the intrinsic authenticity we bewilder our recognition through camouflage
and expose the jester's significance hypothesizing extremities of the supersonic.
With a profound attrition the frivolous
abandon their port of call to courageously envisage
their immediate consecration and rejuvenation into a mode of auspiciousness.
The abrupt appearance of the ethereal evokes poetic passages of ancient lineage
reenacting our virtues to cascade as waterfalls
baptizing a joyously exuberant assemblage.
Sensualizing spectacles we envision deductions, with a cause and effect so laconic,
bringing about a marvelous boy wonder who proceeds forward with its precociousness.
Dwelling amidst the divine we recollect
the mystic charisma of angelic refrains, polyphonic
in nature, embellishing the panorama beguiling the bystanders to depict a collage.
Unorthodox with their decisiveness they quaver the commonplace with a unique tonic
resembling a love potion with extractions of oils and perfumes enticing the hypnotic.
The rapturous intermezzos glide through the environment ensuing the glorification
of respective quintessence enlightening the substance of complimentary intelligence.
Enriching the harmonious endeavors we replenish
solely the soft spoken entourage
implanting their garden of inspiration exhibiting finesse and skill as gratification.
As the intergalactic interactions derive their resources the gathering of the harmonic
will suddenly alert the astute as our redirecting their meticulous formalization.
Into a conglomerate of synchronized exaltation we conjure a cobra's exotic
innuendo suggesting a cadence of extraordinary orations
initiating an enraptured elation.
An euphonious antiphonal choir reverberates incessantly capturing a symphonic
recourse expedient and unyielding exuding powers beyond all magnificence.
Supplementing the bountifulness we accent optimistically the liberation
of our meridian surging forward in its illustriousness arriving in excellence.
Excitingly expansive are the probabilities in reflection to our capability in pentatonic
symmetrically alluring the attention of the fairies as they appear in an exquisite image.

by Paul Amrod

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