Repleted Love

Repleted Love

Night sky fading, your breathe on my skin
See your beautiful face in sweet moonlight
Your so close, I want to breathe you all in
So I can remember and save this night

As I lay in twilight watching you breath
I know what you are silently asking of me
But I love you so, It's nothing you said
It's nothing you did, but I still can see

I'm afraid of what you might say
So trusting, naive and free are you now
I will always remember your face
That I must deny myself I vow

So sweetly, ghostly, silhouetted in the car
Lost in a precious moment embraced by time
Unspoken of, is this beautiful feeling
Then end this alluring encounter of mine

I refuse to take your most precious away this night
Love is more important than sex to us, so there is:
Nothing you can say and nothing you can do
Just please remember me as I will remember you

Jim- Prom Night 1959

by James Casey

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