Reply To A Very Elegant Poem From A Lady On ‘what You Are To Me’

If I am the thorn, you are my rose,
That embraced me with your fragrant.
If I am the ray, you are my sun,
That gave me strength to heat the land.
If I am the water, you are my lake,
It would be heavenly places for all creatures to breathe.
If I am the leave, you are my tree,
That standing still with me enjoying the breeze,
until the final autumn fall and give you my one last kiss.
If I am the beat, you are my heart,
That giving me strength and hope to beat,
‘tick-tock’ like a sound of a clock,
and never know when the sound stop
but you will always be my heart.
You and me are one, bind each other soul,
I fondly bonds to you as faithful vows be hold.

by Instalasi Sastra

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