Looking outside at the evening,
And watching the shadows fall,
Late sunshine embraces the old red brick
Of a propped up garden wall.

The slight movement of the branches
Of a ruby red berried tree,
Give a wonderful effect to the sunset,
And a comforting feel to me.

Peace arrives with the twilight,
And my busy mind wins repose.
All is at rest and a stillness descends
As the sky’s dark curtains close.

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (5)

Great work here Ernestine, wonderful imagery and beautifully described as always. Love, Andy xx
Truly magnificent.....I am in awe.......your writing rocks! ....marci.m.
That is such a warm and soothing piece......thanks for sharing: O)
This has a summer evening feel to it, very well pieced together, especially the first two stanzas, Thankyou Ernestine Love duncan X
The gift of your words makes me feel as a thief Just to see the red brick of which you so speak