Poem Hunter
FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)


'And I call out to you.
my words hollow tones
bouncing off the walls'

'In these now empty
spacious halls, eddying
in the lonely stillness....'

I may have yet a few years
of youth within me,
But I am what I already am
Though I may still change
with the passing of time.
And You,
You are still so young;
Much, much younger than I
Much too young to understand
certain things in life

There are so many things
about You
that delight me at this time
Things that you may find
useless in your tomorrow
And this is what frightens
me most
Our having to grow apart
each in our own world
In our own pace and time
though we know share
many likenesses

If ever.... if ever
it would not be the first time
I have had to let go
of one I dearly love
the pain is fresh each time
as it it was the first
it would be too painful
to lose you too
Just promise me this
grow up and be who you will
I'll somehow learn to love
you for who you become


This poem got dug out from under heaps of papers.
Curious thing what a journey to the attic uncovers.


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