If there’d been three words that meant more than, I love you’,
I’d have said them to you,
If there was a person I thought I could forever hold,
That person was you,
If there’d been a dream I thought I could live,
That dream was with you,
But now all I have is thoughts and wasted dreams,
And martyred wishes of what might have been,
Yet recollection dulls your faults,
And need, your selfishness,
What’s done is best for you and me,
But how I hate that emptiness,
Those heavy shadows where once you stood,
Those sad old notes that promised love eternal,
A tainted love that faded before the ink,
But then I too have sworn true love so many times before,
And once again it’s time, I think,
To shake the dice and hope to roll for love once more.

by Pete Heron

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