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Reptile's Enigma

I see the world in grey
and it's through the heart
I must call to the moon to offer up a sacrifice,
a ritual of the ego to kill, or revive.

Let us walk to the cliffs edge
and dance in the fire,
and in doing so burn our souls
to ashes.

Let us sidestep the chameleons gaze
and slit our throats
to protract our will to life
and whip the suns rays.

Let us call an enigma from the sky
and swallow our fate's intent
so that we may open a door
and fall through to the valley.

It's here that the lords dwell,
and it's here that the wolves howl at the stars.
It's here that our deaths call
and it's here that our hearts sing.

So sing with me in fervent, wild abandon
or be damned to a doll's life,
and a child's scream in the night.

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