(8 November 1968 / Dublin Ireland)


In Nomine Patre
who art encountered
in the skies on
clouds with harps
and cherub faced saints
and the few women
who art thought fit
to be entered there..
Et Filis
whom I hold personally
to blame,
for every slight
and night I suffer
in this female form:
each sickly youth
who ever wrote of
this feminine
in terms of sweet and soft -
each woodwork class
that was only meant for
Et Spiritus Sanctus..
Git, tongues of flame
crying shame on my mini
skirts and weekends away
and highheeled shoes and jobs
on building sites; on fights
and girls who
whistle in the corridors
of power
In peace repose, rest and decay
Say no more, enough
was done in your name.
Abide in the past. RIP.

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Comments (2)

Giuseppe understood the poem :) Michael, read more of my poetry, feminist is too easy a tag to throw around. Reqium is a personal poem, not a political one.
Mostly invective! In fact, a feminist rant about what? Requiem, indeed!