UNM (Day's of The Past, Present, Future. / Southern United States)

Requiem For Justice #2 (Rivisted)

In the clear cold
cloudless night
be still

Gaze upward
into the stars
so pure
it's radiance will
cast thee down

The light so most
humbly won't see

The grace for
when all were
was from the
in the end
meant for you
all others

Being unto our
forefathers considered
as equal

Green leaves
thick branches
we see
were lent
for the sparrows
to rest and feed

For if unto the
we harken not

None will come
or ever say

For the whirlwinds
will wisk those
whom don't care
to places
where even
the lost
tread not


Unless if shown
the way

The house of the living
blessed would be they
whom do stay

Forgivness is
of the union
in and must
stand as such
if only the two
could see
for the manner
in which they

For they whom
had prior knoweldge
of this I say

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