Someone I Never Met

She is a part of me
Someone I never knew
Grandmother lived across the sea
Beyond endless miles of blue

This distant woman was my father’s mother
He journeyed to America seeking employment
Never again would they ever see each other
No longer would there be proximal enjoyment

When my name was added to the family tree
She was notified by a handwritten letter
The joy did not allow her to cradle me
I never had the opportunity to meet her

She was not near to teach
Her love isn’t even a memory
She was outside my stretched reach
Our relationship is only history

Now as I think, there is a similarity
You see; I carry her first name
On the family tree she looks like me
So, I’m guessing she has a claim

Our hands never held
Our eyes never met
Affection was withheld
I sense we share regret


by Theresa Ann Moore

Comments (2)

Whoever read this poem seems to me to be somewhat illiterate or maybe /esl.
In Latin, the title Requiescat means May She Rest. Most critics say it is written about a woman. But I read one critic recently who brought up a couple of facts that might change the reader's mind about that. This poem was written after Matthew's 9 year old sister died. Apparently he was close to her and thought of her as a happy child who lit up the world with her personality. He grieved for his little sister and often went to her grave and grieved.