(1822-1888 / Middlesex / England)

Fool Faith

Said I: "See yon vast heaven shine,--
What earthly sight diviner?
Before such radiant Design
Why doubt Designer?"

Said he: "Design is just a thought
In human cerebration,
And meaningless if Man is not
Part of creation.

"But grant Design,--we may imply
The job took toil aplenty;
Then why one sole designer, why
Not ten or twenty.

"But should there be one Source supreme
Of matter and of motion,
Why mould it like our man-machine
For daft devotion?"

Said I: "You may be right or wrong,
I'll seek not to discover . . .
I listen to yon starry song,--
Still, still God's lover."

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Whoever read this poem seems to me to be somewhat illiterate or maybe /esl.
In Latin, the title Requiescat means May She Rest. Most critics say it is written about a woman. But I read one critic recently who brought up a couple of facts that might change the reader's mind about that. This poem was written after Matthew's 9 year old sister died. Apparently he was close to her and thought of her as a happy child who lit up the world with her personality. He grieved for his little sister and often went to her grave and grieved.