Carol Of Motherland

Mother Land was fragrant
Resplendent red rock above
Down the earth captivating greenery
And blowing crystal water
A dancing heaven in lake
Someone making pair in misty
In tranquility and informality
Bird’s face
Snowy flower
Sunny glaze
Saffron smell emanates from
The foot of mountain
Gentle and rosy winds
Delicately opened
The windowpane
Only infidel can
Forget angelic virtues
Impressed upon the mind
Sweetheart moves together
In the exhilarating valley
To fathomless distance
Mother’s art, skill, fun
Peace, honey and harmony
And feat of glories were spread
All these commendable verses
Were not ages old
Still fresh and vibrant
Appears as if it were of yester-days
Such a thrilling beauty
Mesmerizing and soothing, too, existed!
Such fluorescence past
Hopping and chirping birds
Melody of nightingale
Echoes in the garden of harmony, too, prevailed!

by Shujaat Hussain

Comments (5)

xThis peom is a favorite.
A simple, and poignant, graveside piece that speaks for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one.
this is the best poem i ever read! it got some heart
This brings such familiarity with it, such human-ness pours from it, loss, grief, love unspoken.... My mother passed 40 years ago and not a day goes by that the root of this poem, its essence has not wrenched from my soul... Life goes on, as they say, as do the years. But not really. How intensely beautifully Mr. Wilde described this part of us.
My favourite of his.