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Requiring Help
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Requiring Help

Poem By Eman Awad

All the help in my case is required,
all the happiness are in my share and though.
I'm so sad for it ain't what i desired,
the one i love isn't with me and i can't let go.
I know nothing about him at all,
i miss his smile and i miss his beautiful face.
Some thing really aches my soul,
no time and no one to join us again and no place.
Painfull, is goodbye,
when it's the final word to be said.
Endless are the tears i cry,
wishing some times that i could be dead.
I can't feel the joy of any thing,
i feel all are the same and nothing is new.
Just the echo of a song he used to sing,
how can you be the one i love,
when i can't run in your direction saying i miss you? ?
That's when i decide,
this is your final poem, i won't write you any more.
Words race in my mind,
to find that my own hands are writing you more.
That's when i know my heart isn't mine,
after i know about my mind and my hands.
Getting over some one requires time,
my heart knows that and it surely understands.
But at the mean time i,
really need help, getting through this.
I need help for the nights i cry,
and the days i die,
and all those times of sorrow and lonliness...

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