Rescue Me

My darling friend, my dear love,
My welcome guest into myself,
My little moth who flies above,
Do not spurn thy torn-hearted elf.

Don’t leave me igneous but numb
With fears in the cold abyss
And in the midst of dunes. So dumb
My lips may be – but not my kiss.

Feel me by touch and keep me warm.
It is thy wing that hurts and saves.
So rescue me, transfix the storm
With lights and tame my flaming waves.

I long for you though still afraid
Of mordant worlds deep in my eyes.
Come, plait my shadows in a braid,
Be brimful of me too, my wise…

by Karina Lakeyeva

Comments (2)

I absoulty love this peom! maybe you should read my poem also called rescue me.
Oh My GOSH...SO MUCH PASSION :) Loved it!