CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)


Without touching
You touched me
Without binding
You bound me
Without surrounding
You surround me.
Without seeing
You see me
Without hearing
You hear me.

You are seen, yet unseen
You are pain, you are pleasure
You are far, you are near.
You are in me, you are in the Universe,
Oh Love
I salute thee
I salute thee.

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Comments (5)

Awesome I have to take notes, just kidding this is your writing, Awesome! Nice poem, reminds to peice myself back together now and then.10
A nice piece of work. Keep on writing that we may also learn from you. Thank you. E.K.L.
What an amazing poem. I really liked your writing style.
Neat text, good writing and styles. I enjoy it 100 percent.. Awesome
the poem was awesome... my favorite lines are the last four, which is what im feeling most of the time.... thanks for sharing... +++10