i was so lost within my lies
that i forgot to hide my eyes
people began to see not only me
but the pain that was hiding benieth
i have lived in a literal hell
and i never had anyone to tell
i believe i was worthless
and all that happend, i deserved it
what is it that can convince people of the worst things
it becomes truth and how it stings
its crazy the lessons pain can teach
so in return a story can be preached
i've noticed good people seem to have it rough
but in return the help those who seem stuck
i've done this
and boy was all the pain worth it
for some time the pain seemed to much
and i felt that everything was just to messed up
let me start from where it begins
i went to a friend
and she went to another
i told them about my mother
we made a call
and she was quick to fall
its ended up
with me out of luck
but through all of this
i finally found my purpose
to save all the ones like me
who have been hurt so badly
in my life i've been saved by a group of people
and in the begining i couldn't believe them
i was hurting so bad
i didn't want to believe they were stating a fact
to me it was my problem
i didn't want anyone else to get hurt in
but the slowly convinced me
and now i'm so close to being free
i never thought the day would come
the day someone rescued me

by playdough person

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