Reservoirs Of Fire

Daunted am I
by the pyramids
which spring up
all around me;
dwarfed am I
by the sheer magnitude

The stars presage
a golden future
but God knows
I am cynical

A presence in an absence;
an absence in a presence
only time will tell

One thing for sure
I will not bend
I will not budge
I will not break
from what I believe
to be honourable and true

My sequestered mind
stretches itself
to the maximum
to free itself
from its shackles
and wonder into
uncharted territory

Life doesn’t reveal itself
in a flash -
it has taken billions of years
to unfold its palm
just a little

Are we coming nearer
to the truth
are we moving farther?

Ringlets of fire
fanned by an evil storm
spirals out of control
spreading panic and treachery

should be your grip
or else
you would shatter into
a zillion pieces

Insanity resides
the most sublime
its seeds are irrigated
by egotistical rivers

Reservoirs of violence
have flooded our planes;
a pandemic of death
and destruction
no matter which side
you turn

Will man
ever be lifted out
of the desolation
of darkness,
propped up
high enough
to see the light

That which is designed
for pleasure
could unleash
unmitigated pain;
that which is designed
for pain
Could chasten

I have had to give up my world
in a return for another
the heaviness weighs oppressively
on my shoulders

What a way to live
what tyranny;
what oppression;
what cruelty;
what evil;
what hatred
what incomprehension

Difficult to get your head
difficult to reject;
difficult to accept;
absolutely impossible
to change

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A very powerful, introspective write. I like your resolve to cling to what is honorable and true. Even though, as you say, you are cynical. This is a fascinating paradox. The first two stanzas stand out to me. Strength for the journey, my friend.10/10. Warmest regards, Sandra i