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Satan called conference with the Lord on High.
"Let's hold it down in my place. It's so draughty in the sky."
"It ought to be on neutral ground," said God. "I'm sure that would be best.
somewhere convenient for us both. The Earth, might I suggest?"
"My God! Not Earth!" the Devil cried. "With all that muck and stink!
There's always such an uproar there, it's impossible to think!
it's more peaceful down in Hades, and warmer there as well;
And I'm convinced we both would be far safer, truth to tell."
"That brings me to the reason I'm suggesting we should meet.
Things are getting out of hand and I cannot compete.
"The days are long behind us, when I tempted them to sin.
There's no longer any limit to the age when they begin.
Everyone is at it from the cradle to the grave.
It even makes my Demons blush to see how they behave.
Things have come to such a pitch, they put the wind up me!
this lot need no temptation. They sin instinctively
I doubt it you could tempt them back to virtue through reform.
They're all so steeped in wickedness, to them it seems the norm.
don't let them near your Angels; they're far too rude and rough.
As for me -- I'm handing in my cards. I've had enough!"
God spoke: "it seems this problem leaves to me but one solution.
Another Flood, then start afresh: a World without pollution."

Sunday, 19th February, 1995

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