LR (7/22/89 / Rochester NY)

Resistance Is Futile

I know you won’t like me
Even if you try.
I’m ruthless I’m cold
I’m dead on the inside.

Some have tried
and all have failed.
You go ahead and try
Your life will become less than a tale.

Beg me for mercy
And I might let you breathe.
That’s still just as bad though
Cause you’ll be on your knees.

You seem to be in pain
Have you been here before?
Same knees different punishment
But you still yearn for more.

When will you learn,
that you'll never be free?
You wake up each and every day,
in your sin covered home.**

Don’t you get it?
You’ll never be free.
Your soul was mine for the taking
And I took it with ease

Your mind's so corrupted
I've filled it with lies.
With this world that I've taken
it was easy as pie.

**thinking about taking this stanza out

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i wish i had written this one, GREAT poem Logan **KoNi**