Resolutions 2018

This Year It's all about me

I'll use sleight of hand
Be all smoke and mirrors
Confess everything
Reveal nothing at all

I'll be all misdirection
In the way the cards fall
Be honestly devious
Mischievous and raw

I resolve to be all stuff and nonsense
Don't trust me one bit
I'll aspire to be lascivious
And really be lovin' it

I'm gonna' gain as much weight as I can
Eat bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Gonna' gobble sugar (as much as I can stand)
Not gonna' care anymore about gettin' thinner

This year is gonna' be all about me
I'll not have many more I fear
And If nothin' else…It's gonna be
A very happy New Year


by David Whalen

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i plan to put this into my/our MARCH 2018 'showcase', found in my list of PH poems. i give full credit (but no money!) to poets whose poems i use. if you object to my using yours or 'need' money, i'll remove the poem from the showcase after hearing from you in a message. Thanks. bri :)
favorite lines: Be honestly devious Mischievous and raw and Be honestly devious Mischievous and, David, are a poetic gem, though an OLD one! bri ;)
in the last comment i left, i should have said submit to my/our showcase (mostly) containing poems by PH poets, my Feb.2018 edition, found in my list of PH poems. let me know if this is NOT to your liking. ;) here is the link to the showcase for Feb.: (to be continued) .....
the poem is very entertaining. i 'love' humor/humour. to MyPoemList. and i think i'll eventually submit the poem you've PH. thanks for poem (yours) and Poet's Notes. but, dagnabbit! , i didn't find any typos. there must be SOME! i won't look again. bri ;)
David Whalen's New Diet: 2018 Your proposed 2018....eating habits, NOT at all like those of Br'er Rabbit's, may cause you to bloat up to HUGE! Never again will you fit in your luge! ! ! (to be continued {the comment}) .............
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