What is the worth of man? That he has pass'd
This world, unknown, unsung and 'so unwept.
Than to receive what his father enpurs'd
For him. What of the joy begot. Be swept
Away so like some chaff when death be nigh
With winds so blowing? . Can my minted wealth,
And all my treasures heaped here so high,
Be props of mine, my soul in sicken'd health?
For there is none, that can my spirit cleanse
Upward me ladder, reach for Heaven's door.
For all I do and gain doth Him displease
Whatever tall is crumbles to the floor.
So let with prayers thus myself esteem,
That thereby I may be easy to redeem.

by Moses Ocharo

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Hi guys, just joined this group and this here is my 'sonnet' please read it and tell what you think. Thank you in advance.