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Respect And Loyalty
FO ( / Africa)

Respect And Loyalty

Poem By Felix Opaleye

One love will keep us together, but loyalty will keep us united forever. The journey out of the pit of hell is hot and painful, only the strong will make it through, respect nature and preserve her beauty; always remember that the love of mother nature nourish

Humility is a virtue that open the atmosphere of love and friendship, money may make the world go round, but the humble ones always find their way around tough situations. Respect wisdom with the spirit of serenity, and remain loyal to those who stay with you during tough time.

The world is not a crazy place, but injustice and crime are the evil tormenting humanity, honour those who deserve to be honour and don't bite the hand that feed you. Don't be too proud of your accomplishments, never let success get into your head. Shower those that motivate you to the podium of success with respect and loyalty.

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