Respect To Rabbie Burns

Poem By Andrew Matthews

I ay' longed tae read yer stuff
wi' beautiful words written off the cuff.
O' nature, o'war, the deil and love
wi' wit and banter tae nae say enough.

I climbed on yer statue, was feart' tae jump aff,
and my nana and cousins for years did laugh
at the snooty auld wumin' who said 'Have you no respect? '
I was seven at the time but now do reflect.

I staun' on yer should'ers, as awe poets dae
though rarely tae copy yer style or yer say.
But I like you, do like a drink,
and women and music, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

In Ayrshire you lived and in Dumfries you did die
and awe yer cronnies did drink many a dram and cry,
farewell dear Robert Burns, we'll all still read
yer poems and songs even though yer lang lang deid.

October 2007.

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Wonderful tribute Te Rabbie...excellent write and to read...thank you....10

5 out of 5
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