Respected Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir….

Poem By Sylvia Frances Chan

For My Dear Respected Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir….

YOU are the only one I know best
You are the life
that God gives

you are God's child so mild
never wild

You are the passionate poet who writes and creates so much poetry
on so many different topics

the only themes I constantly remember
His only son
The Holy Spirit,
about the Holy Bible

and many other topics,
odes and tribute to various poets and poetesses
also about the moon,
the blue and the red moon,
also about the beautiful village close to your house

excellent and beautiful responses to almost all poems submitted
you never expect they will do the same
constantly utmost support from your side
we can read that worldwide

you are the devoted poet, a loving husband
and caring father of your handsome two sons
and the grandchildren you rarely mention

you make the right decisions according God's time

and we should never forget this:

You have been the number ONE as the world's most popular poet for years,
years and years

the most read poet
why this tribute now?

Before I forget you belong constantly to the Top 5 of Treasure Island Standings
Till nowall the time

I have written more than this, but now I know all rules and laws
Habits, customs and attitudes the Poem Hunter way
all poets regard that the most difficult start

I have received Tribute poems from you so many times and such most excellent

You always want to give the other person a better treatment
than you do to yourself
you are honest as God has taught us to do

this is certainly incomprehensible to atheists

You have received spiritual strength and manpower from God

You have been bullied constantly from the back door, not just you,
but your whole beloved family too

actually I don't understand this jealousy
not really!

One thing I am sure, this jealous man is no poet at all
Otherwise he has no time for such harrasings

that's why the original and real Australian poet Robert Murray Smith has left,

and never returned,
he was bullied too

his name has ever since been used by a false prophet
a prolate
visibly no poet
it is coming closer

but You are my angel of salvation
who guards and guides me here
since you regard PH my poetic atmosphere
I belong here, my poetic dome

You have a heart of gold
this poem becomes epic as old
perhaps less poetic, but you surekly ave a great heart of gold
less poetic but surely epic

if only I can express everything that I have wished to express all this time

NOW because I know all the rules, laws, customs, habits and attitude
on Poem Hunter, now I can do that,

if you don't know or understand them,
HOW would you like to write a more complete tribute
to the one who knows Poem Hunter the most, amd as the best
and has been number ONE as the world's most popular poet

for as long as under #130 ranking on top 500 poets
but at that point I don't know how to put it into words
I don't know the right expressions yet

I have to tell it here
everything I do

all the rules, laws, customs, habits and attitude I have known
are from my most dear Respected Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir
and his polite and handsome son Dr. Pintu Mahakul

before I finish these Tribute Poem
I wish to convey
my greatest gratitude to you as
my guardian who is devoted to God and family
you are honest
you love the truth
your life is full of cherishments
you give oft compliments to almost all poets
you never expect responses nor thanks in return


the most beautiful and meaningful blessing:
you always help your neighbour
due to all weather conditions despite bad weather forecasts


loyal to God and the Holy Trinity
your endeavour
for world peace connected in all your amazing poems!

Aside from this humble and epic Tribute,

I wish you all,
live in love, grace...
and harmony,
God Bless you all greatest….

Photograph: by Sylvia Frances Chan titled:
Transparent young qualls, as transparent as is your honesty

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
Tuesday 15 September 2020

Comments about Respected Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir….

This poem needs full voting and I have already rated this with full ***** 5 stars before reading and commenting. All the 5 stars have dazzled amazingly while I have clicked on the fifth star and I am sure that full rating might be recorded. Thank you very much once again.
The charming cover photograph titled, " Transparent young qualls, as transparent as is your honesty, " is very calm, dazzling and heart touching and it is captured by your kind self during your Normandy visit with your family and specially with your grandson Vinhie! We bless him ever. This cover photo sings the song of God and his creation. This is very wonderful!
Troubles make no noise for us. We still feel the calm state of our minds and deepness of Godly breathing. We are happy souls, who sing song of God. Thank you very much for penning this brilliant observational tribute poem. You have rightly witnessed the honesty and values! We are wishing you all the best and more success! May God bring unlimited happiness for you and your family!
Poem Hunter is our beloved poetic home and we belong to this nice family! We are away from nasty politics done by evil man! Our time is precious that we understand. For maintaining harmony and peace we get God's grace! We thank him at each moment! We love God. We forgive the atheists who raise questions about existence of God. Due to ignorance and ego evil man attacks God's lovers!
Obstacles come and go and these will come in future and go away. You should not bother about. You should not listen the word of false prophet or any evil person when he misguides or harasses. Through power of tolerance you can crack his activities down and through power of patience you can overcome the troubles time to time! This is your nice poetic home and you should stay here!

5,0 out of 5
2 total ratings

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