(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Respite [rev]

I tried to forge a close relationship with my performance
assessment - changing the font - studying the contents;
yet right then my pathetic project came to an end - dead
lines relaying moth-eaten minutes, & cold hours lived by
an ordinary human specimen without beauty, charm - or
intrigue of soap opera - without humorous slapstick; it

Just states 5 docs in and 5 out - tra-la; what a marvellous
victory over adversity - what triumph for the human spirit -
and recorded electronically, how inspiring is that; what an
electrifying challenge it is: - stop and record - ad infinitum,
the employee arrived on time, drank coffee & tea, told her
colleagues about last night's movie - made a list and did

Research, found the required terms & used them in ways
irritating a mighty superior's fine-tuned nerves - changed
the text immediately to illustrate how much more weight a
higher title carries in crushing a little soldier's spirit, which
is tested in the trenches, and who shall never understand
profound and intricate complexities in pedantic superiors'

heads - so this toxic text, this lacklustre official form only
gave me a headache; our relationship didn't blossom as
my friendly overtures lead to mental death - and I turned
my eye to the Internet - hunting spiritual food to feed my
little life requiring but fortitude as nothing offers a respite
of accomplishment

by Margaret Alice Second

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