Respond To The World

Respond to the world and bring joy to your life

Increase positive energy and positive thoughts

Look over the horizon and enjoy blooming flowers

Erase dull colours from your life and sparkle with joy

Have a willing heart that tells you a happy story

Get ready to make a brand new start with smiles of hope

And with a rich and a deep beautiful rainbow hue

Find a silver lining in the dark clouds spread all around

And choose inspiring images to depict your life's story

Shut the door in the past to find a radiant smile ready

Treasure sweet bitter memories to keep your show alive

Wipe your tears of pain and replace them with peace

Follow your beautiful dreams and spread sparkling hope

Always be ready and happy to respond to the world positively…

Seema Chowdhury
January 10,2018

by Seema Chowdhury

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An inspirational poem.....Wipe your tears of pain and replace them with peace.....a priceless piece of work! Thanks for sharing!