Response From God

I took you in my hands, child, long ago,
You promised seeds of faith to sow.
Evil tried to destroy your faith that day,
By placing you, my child, in harms way.
You traveled down a narrow road,
Carrying in your arms a heavy load.

Bumps and bruises caused your tears,
But love and faith calmed your fears.
You say you blamed me when things went wrong,
But I was right there in your heart all along.
I wasn’t the one you railed against,
You, my child, took the hits.

Now as you watch your children in pain,
The heartache I felt must be plain.
For you are my child as they are yours,
And when they suffer you hurt to the core.
When you disobeyed me time and again,
I did as you asked and forgave you your sin.

When you came back and asked for grace,
I was just so happy to see your sweet face.
I welcomed you home where you belong,
To do otherwise would have been wrong.
You sinned against me that is true,
Still there is nothing for my children I wouldn’t do.

I see that you praise me and all that I am,
So stop your fretting my sweet little lamb.
You follow my word and fill me with pride,
So always remember I’m there by your side.
I reward you child with all that you need,
You only have to ask, you don’t have to plead.

by Luessa Sumner

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a very moving piece of poetry. well penned