DM (20/12/1988 / Colchester)

Response To A Criticism By Michael Shepherd Who Suggested I Should Have Written 'It's' Instead Of ''Tis'

I always thought that poetry ought
To transcend bounds of time:
I realize I archaize —
I sometimes even rhyme.

And if my style you think is vile
Read someone else's verse;
Than Sally Clarke, or Jarman, Mark,
A critic might do worse.

Suggestion is, where I wrote ''tis'
I should have written 'it's' —
For then my style would be less vile
And satisfy the 'crits'.

That word you heard was quite absurd;
I wanted rhyme for 'it's' —
So to fulfil poetic will
For 'critics' I wrote 'crits'.

My licence poetic may not be aesthetic-
'lly pleasing to the Pastor
Who a critical note on my poetry wrote
Like unto a Great Master.

If he would take the time to scan some of my rhyme,
And my non-rhyming poems as well,
He might very well find my poetical mind
Does not always antiquity tell.

For at times I might write a colloquial light
Unembellishéd manner of speaking,
But whatever I may I endeavour to say
While I'm always for poetry seeking.

In such verses, if he would endeavour to see,
He might find many an 'it's' if he tried;
While in classical writing, postmodernism smiting,
I'll in nowise archaism hide.

(Saturday,5th November,2005.)

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Comments (2)

This verse - or worse - is very witty! You know your own mind, David - pity! What you do is of no concern to me. But as one who has been accused on this site of archaizing, rhyming, altering the word order etc., ('Not used in American poetry this 60 years' etc) it was a suggestion for the majority of the readers on this site who are of the 12-25 age group... I won't trouble you again, you cheeky young hound... Oh by the way, you're hugely talented. 'Tis pity, but 'tis true...
Sally Clarke's poetry is very good. Mark Jarman's may or may not be; I have not read it, but I wanted a rhyme for 'Clarke'.