Responsible Childhood.

As children you are responsible
For your own future, better life
For the home, village, and nation
As responsibilities are many to comply.

Never you indulge in wrong actions
In wrong companies or bad habits
Substance abuse like life destructive acts
Always be responsible to society.

Childhood the most important life
A big way you have to walk along
The seniors are always helpful
Except a few to which you have to decide.

The most important is study hard
And act in accordance with clear conscience
Walk along the safety of life event
Make yourself to get a qualified one
To grab a good job ensuring the future.

The world is waiting for you children
Where your services are vital
Through you the world must become
So beautiful with humanism in high spirits.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Comments (4)

Childhood is the most important period. Very nicely said. All poem of your written about childhood are nice properties of poetic world. Excellent job.
A guidance and words of rosaries for the children and their responsibilities thank you
a poetic advise for children...great work
What an absolutely positive message to give to children just starting out in life! Simply amazing how you can speak so clearly, and simply to a child so that they can understand your every word. I give you a 10 for this beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn