Taking action.
Regardless of the consequences,
That may come.
Relying upon experience.
And doing what needs to be done.
Disciplined without taking offense.
If what is done is thought to be right.
Having integrity...
With a dependable insight.
Willing to correct.
Realizing no one is perfect...
Taking steps to accomodate,
Without hesitating to wait...
For decisions to take place.
Or one to be late,
With admitted commitments to make.
Showing a respect one does not neglect.
And keeping one's word...
With a comprehension,
One and all deserves.
Listening with attentiveness to every word.
Being 'there' and responsible.
Making sure of what has been shared and heard.
Thoughtful and reflective too.
Where are those...
With these traits today?
Where are they...
To show us the way?
Have they too felt much betrayed?
By those once trusted...
Crushed and now busted!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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