Ressentiment And The Slave Revolt

difference turned her into a vampire
it broke a vertebrae, and she will suffer the rest of her life
turning on this dissertation

turning in the leased vehicle of her deceased spouse
it never seemed quite worth buying, though a boy at school
his eyes obstructing justice
made sure I knew where to go
once everybody had made their deal
the Sun pissing fire in my face
fist to the Moon

pink lady: only these pictures now, where I hear the sounds
larger and in color, as many copies as I could ever want
one hundred years
one thousand dead ends; am I ready to thank them
a dull man to have:
home from nowhere, at home with nothing.

by Tanec Rayl

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Glad to see you back Tanec, and back with dark verve and the depth that's the hallmark of your work. The range, breadth and directness of it allow the reader to enter it with enough freedom to find much that is familiar and jarring at the same time - once the eyes adjust. Superb.