It seems like I have been moving non-stop for so long that I have lost track of who and where I am. This realization hits me when I see myself in the mirror, I see who I really am and in contrast who I must be. Living in this world where you are either accepted are cast out, wandering or following a path. Yet, all I yearn for with all my heart now is for rest, just a simple place I can stop and catch my breath. I yearn for that place where I can sleep and dream of freedom from my own inner bondage. The question I ask myself is why do I hide, why do I run when I can only walk, why do I lie when I should pour honesty from my heart, why do I laugh when I should cry, why do I hate when I should love, why do I tremble when I should stand firm, why do I hide my best so I can show my worst? Why is it that when I ask these questions tears run down my cheeks and why is it when this happens I finally can say “I understand”. a wandering existence and a wandering mind are always with me as I travel down this void known as life. Still I seek my rest, my sleep, my dreams and comfort. I only wish to stop and catch my breath in the brisk cold air that refreshes so much and to sleep where I can finally feel safe. For me it used to be called home but now it is just this cold open land. Now I think I will rest here until I can see the sun again……

by johann weiss

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