Rest (Another Love Poem)


I am fallen upon your breasts
And my hearts whispers rests
How the slides of your waist
Flutters into dream of my dreams

When two great rivers meet
They choose the depth within your thighs
I have watched and become clueless
Until others became tuneless

I imagine the confluence of our lips
Where they should not but would touch
I imagine how much would be too much
I wonder if I'll ever get enough

My legs are trees and your balloons are birds
So nest and perch upon my trunks
And when old branches buds up strong
I'll be silent into stifles

I never did love geography
Until my eyes surveyed your rocks
Mapping its apex, mapping its depths
Let me explore your Colombus innocence

I am naive and you are shy
You are the bliss that dyes my heart
Come meet by the tree that causes men to go
On your hips does my smile flow

by Adetimilehin Inioluwa

Comments (2)

This guy, you are good.
AN amazing write. Full of imagery and greatly embellished with literary devices. Nice one.