Control Me

Why is it you effect me so,
you have this strange control over me,
Do you have some unearthly power,
how is it you seem to hold the key.
Are you using all that you are,
to possess and capture my soul?
From your piercing eyes to your lips of addiction you take control.
Is it the warmth of your arms or the feel of your caressing touch?
That makes me melt,
leaving me breathless and wanting so much.

You're in my every thought I have become a puppet for your love,
As you pull the strings,
visions appear that were undreamt of.
I have not one complaint,
I want, need and implore your affections,
For there is no cure,
only reactions to your infections.
You have taken all the fear away of what the future may hold,
I shiver with excitement everytime we touch.
My heaven is here with you, control me if you must,
For I am yours now my heart and soul I entrust.

by Kristopher DeLander

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Did she finish him? I wonder. What ever, it is well written and rhythmic to the heart.