No, you're wrong.

Everyone is as beautiful
as they can possibly be

Particularly at lunch
in a laughing restaurant

Everyone is as beautiful
as they can possibly be

And they are moved
by their own beauty

And they shed tears for it
in the back of the taxi home

by Harold Pinter

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Human psychology so perfectly depicted.Wonderful write!
A beautifully envisioned poem shedding light on the intricacies of life and their aftermath. Thanks for sharing it here.
An interesting observation poem, restaurants are a beehive of many different people and groups, Pinter sees that there is something beautiful in these people, randomly coming and going for a fraction of a day to eat. The ending is a bit aloof to me but its still poignant. Lovely work
tears for its transience, likely.
Don't understand why anyone would shed tears back home. A nice poem though only a suspense created at the end.
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