Resting In Peace

I can finally lay down and rest in peace
I can sleep and know that my minds at ease
To have finally resolved the things around me

I have been set free from the bonds that chained me
It has all been laid to rest in peace
The hatered was never there, the forgivness now is,
but to forget would be an unpardonable sin

Why listen to what they say
For if they could only see
What has been racing through my head
The pain that stood in pleasures stead

I can lay down tonight and rest in peace
My head is wieghtless from the fact that its free
My mind has quieted and only one thing now occupies it
Am i crazy to think you might be in love with me

No matter the answer I am resting in peace

by Guarded Heart

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Crazy you may be, or crazy you are not whatever it is, I'm always here and soon you shall see, that maybe it was that easy.