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ML (06/11/1973 / Morganton, NC)


Poem By Mary Lyle

Wanting, Waiting, Needing....
Yearning expectedly
Isn't it true that you should see yourself in your lover's eyes?
Hunger for heartache
Uplifted for letdown
Curses to 'sometimes love isn't always enough'!
Down a winding road of frustration you carelessly lead my bleeding heart.
Can't you see that I've been reaching out for what I'm not getting from you?
Succumb to love or leave me be,
But not completely because my heart aches in your absence.
To be near you, to imagine you, is to merely love you.
To be apart is agony, but maybe safety.
These questions always returned with no answers
To imagine life without you, I'd rather stab my own heart
Being with you, promises unkept, and my heart is stabbed anyway.
Ah, but those few shining moments...
I fall more deeply only to awaken with a sour taste in my mouth.
Such an expensive price to pay, but the problem lies within the fact
That I can't rip my own heart out.
Only you are capable of such.
Why not simply embrace this love you supposedly possess?
Embrace it for more than a day, a week....
How about forever? Wasn't that your promise?
A fear of commitment leaving me at an arm's length was your only success.
I continue hoping for the uninihibited in you or settle for a few precious moments, always unexpected in presence.
To my heart this passion is the ultimate; Why is it so fucking hard for you?
Maybe it's just easy for me.

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Beautiful...I enjoyed reading this.