Why I Can'T Make A Smooth Conversation.....[misunderstanding; Marriage; Personal]

This poem's title, as well as its main points, come, NOT from 'the mouth of this horse',
but, instead, come from a person very close to me, who wishes to be called the 'unnamed source'.
She and I were discussing my more recent involvement in the poems of me and others.
She says poetry is 'great because' I (me) can't have an argument with my poetry 'sisters and brothers'.
(Little does she know! ! She HAS underestimated me; I think, that she HAS, is true.
I ask you, poets and poetry fans, wouldn't you let me argue with YOU?)

She thinks of a poem as a non-conversation. In a way it is at that.
I wonder. Would she prefer to have her and me just spout poems, and keep our conversing 'under our hat'?
Sure our conversations often do lead to what she (not me) tends to call
'arguments'. But I would argue with her, till my dying day......, that they're NOT arguments at all.
They are mostly misunderstandings....., miscommunications that cause her so much stress.
She THINKS she 'wears the pants' in this family. And, in AT LEAST one way that is true; I ALMOST never see her wear a dress.

She claims I 'look for an argument'. I could REALLY argue THOSE damning words.
She says 99% of the time I miss the point! [I think her pronouncements are turds! ]
She says, when I 'miss the point', I talk of 'something else'. How dare she say all that! ?
According to 'her', all my siblings would take her side; 'THEY know' what she means. // I smell a RAT! !

And she said my three ex-wives would agree with her as well;
why else did my first three marriages end up in marital Hell?
But then she thought a bit about what she said about my exes (a teacher, a secretary, and a tart) ,
and then she said 'Maybe wife number 3 would NOT agree with me. SHE really wasn't THAT smart! '

by Bri Edwards

Comments (3)

This beautiful tribute ends on a sad note. Your have a wonderful feel for the poetic Andre and your images are flooded with joy and passion. Ironically, it is the transposition into a minor key in the final couplet that makes it such a good poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
beautiful imagery, well done
i like it..and stay strong...if its meant to be it will be. if you love her, then let her go, if its meant to be then she'll come back...stay strong dude.