Restless Rebel

I am not content
To share the timeless tomb
With all the world--
To be tread upon,
Nor shoved aside
By metal monsters
Of industrial progress;
Nor rest in muck,
Nor be the sorry sight
Of half a man!

When gone heartbeat and breath
And ash supplants my form,
I want to ride the storms
That go howling down the labyrinths
Of an ageless world--
Thrill to their mad frenzy,
Warmed by the lightning's flash
And feel near crash of thunder--
Nor be afraid!

Make tenuous trips
Through tiny twirls of atoms,
Then the searching sweep of Saturn
As he sails around the sun.
To see the fission and the fusion
Make thermo-nuclear Power
From uranium and hydrogen.

by E. Kyle Hammond

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