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Restless Release
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Restless Release

As i sit here and stare into the mirror
Thinking of everything I've gone through.
As I clutch the blade and grit my teeth
I can feel my anger rise,
I can feel my adreniline rush.
As my heart beats faster and faster,
The blade is breaking through the skin.
Like a skitzophrenic demon
I slash away my life and let the bad side of me win.
Going as deep as i can until I can feel no more.
This is my self revenge with no remorce.

As my hair hangs in bloody swollen strings,
my eyeliner streking all the way down my face.
Everything I thought I was, you tought my it was all but my little sweet nothings.
And you made me feel like I was actually something.
As i stare into my reflection,
I notice your face twinkle in my eye.
Your one of the only things that makes my soul feel whole
The one who completes the otherside
and encourages my smile.
You are the only thing that hasnt put me down.
You turn my stomache inside out
You are the bullet to life
But my suicidal train.
You blow me away, take my breath, and makes my heart go insayne.
Your are what turns my twisted cross upside down
just because you are my demon,
my king...
with that demonic sound....

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