BS ( / Balasore, Orissa, India)

Restless Sea

It is in perpetual turmoil
Though the restlessness varies from time to time.
Behind every rise and fall of the waves
A mind is there at work,
As if, some mad desires are hidden deep inside.
The vast expanse of water,
Incomprehensible to the naked eyes
Makes one to feel
That something is still missing.

The sea beach is motionless
Appears to me as speechless
Like a Yogi in trance.
As if nothing is happening
Nor likely that an event would take place.
Under the sands of time
Hides there an eternal peace.

But, there is non-fulfillment everywhere
With bounties around!
The child looks for childhood,
The youth craves for life,
And the old aspires for hope.
A feeling of nothingness
Pervades the world of plenty.

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