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Restlessness takes over me
At night I can barely sleep
Asleep is what I need to be
Self-control I can not keep
What's the cause of the unwanted?
I guess we'll have to find out
Not sure why my head feels haunted
There's something wrong without a doubt
So I try real hard to think
About what's keeping me from rest
I just lie there without a blink
Do I have something to confess?
This whole thing feels more like a curse
Like nothings wrong with my head
Thinking of the problem is making it worse
As I lie here wide awake in my bed
I want to know what's going through
This tired and torn up head of mine
This whole feeling is very new
It's making me not be able to feel fine
It's eating at me now very slowly
But I can feel it getting fast
My thinking is becoming so lowly
I'm not sure how long I'll last

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