I take communion to restore my soul,
The Bread and Wine, that makes me whole.
In memory of the One who died for me.

As I accept that Communion Bread,
I remember His life, given in my stead.
Bruised and beaten, thorns on His head.
I remember again, He died for me.

As I accept The Wine, in my cup,
I remember His life, for me, given up.
Remembering the spear, that pierced his side,
His Blood Shed, my sins to hide.

I remember The Cross, and in anguish, I cry,
O LORD, forgive my sins, which caused You to die.
I remember the Body, broken for me,
And his Holy Blood, shed on that tree.

Give me strength O Lord, Your story to tell,
That it may save some one, from going to Hell.
Let me share that story, of the rugged cross,
That a friend's soul, may not be lost.

Use me Lord, each and every day,
To show to others, Your Loving Way.
And each time I accept, The Bread and The Wine,
Let it strengthen me, to be always Thine.

by Frank E. Reeher

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