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Restoring The Ewe-Lamb

Unto his sheep
The Lord is a Loving Shepard,
Who doth watch over his Flock
With patience kind

But Verily,
Should there enter wolves among them
Who desire but their taste;

He comes to rend them
A Shoving Leopard
To send them yelping far.

Should then the wolves return
To eat but one or two,

Then shall that Mighty Cat
Spring forth to save
At least the little ewe-lamb
Who is most precious unto her grieving Father.

For the heart of the Good Shepard
Is like unto that Lowly Man.

Verily They would not pollute
Their house with an unholy sword.

Behold the righteous Shepard comes
To restore the ewe-lamb unto her Father
And their reunion sweet, shall be filled
With happy tears;

Looking They onward toward Eternity.


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