Restricted To Limits

Beliefs fed and meant to keep,
With them to learn and kept embedded...
In one's head is a process begun,
From one's environment with a doing done.
And enforced by those,
Who insist with endorsements...
What is taught to teach will feed the seeker,
Benefits that are received when tasks are completed.

Minds restricted to limits and confined within them,
Are seldom inquisitive...
To face or investigate hypocrises and contradictions.
Since very few experience a comprehension to understand,
Missing with intent is a truth omitted.
A truth more effective than delusions permitted.
But addictions fed are too expensive from them to break.
Especially when truth to introduce has never been incorporated.

Leaving conflicts and mental illnesses,
Considered as a part of life to live...
With this treated as if,
Just another accepted aspect of a normal existence.
And the prospects of self-examination,
Is thought offensive and degrades an achievement to perceive...
Greatness is not obtained to keep sustained,
If mistakes made are confessed that may stain one's status.

'Do what? Admit mistakes?
To lower my status of being great?
With a placing of my charading in jeopardy?
To then have others regard me,
As having human frailties?
With a removing of a mask?
To leave me vulnerable?
Do you believe me to be insane? '

~That would be difficult to prove.
Since I've never seen you without your mask.
However, your actions speak for themselves.
And your tasks...
Need not to identity you to validate your mentality.
You did not have to ask if I believe you to be insane.
One who questions already have their answers.
I am not into the convincing business.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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