Restrictions Will Be Lifted

No fear needed.
We are in the midst of a leader.
One who is determined,
A discipline comes.

One who knows the value of hard work!
And one who is prepared,
To introduce it to everyone.

Serious and fun loving.
And determined to instill a quality.
When time comes to work...
That will be done.
And everyone will come to know...
Exactly what that means.

Fear not the rumors of enemies.
Those concentrated times are done.
That needed leader has arrived.
And no one American will misunderstand...
Just what this leader demands,
From every woman, child and man.

And no one will be heard asking...
Who is in command.
Restrictions will be lifted,
From anyone once lost in confusion.
Those days...
Like deceptions and fantasies,
Have gone!

Very few will concern themselves,
As to who is afflicted with laziness.
In these economic times we face.


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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