Results Of Any Choices Made

I've never found it acceptable,
How grown people still use their childhoods...
To make continued excuses for themselves.
With the seeing of psychologists, psychiatrists...
And others designated to be certified,
To professionally analyze their minds.
With a trying to get them to realize and find,
That a being held accountable with a clarity...
For one's own decisions made,
Is no longer the responsibility of mommy and daddy.

Mommy and daddy should have been arrested...
A long time ago,
For permitting such spoiled children...
Access to beliefs,
They were entitled to point blame on others.
With a dismissing of strict discipline,
To ensure those now thoughtless knew the difference.
Mommy and daddy could be 'sentenced' for not doing this.

Regardless of what should have taken place?
The results of any choices made are clearly to be,
What they are as seen from what has been selected...
To represent the best of efforts allowed and condoned.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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