Resurrecting Song

I have been lost
in the dark palace of
my irregular heartbeats
the venomous crows of thoughts
have slinked into the abandoned rooms of
my heart to bite the innocence of
my sleeping feelings at night

then you stepped inside my despair
with two shining stars on your moonlit face
lighting my dark sky

thoughts were crawled out by the flood of lights
flowing through your harmonic paces
beating at ballroom of
my dormant heart

I found my own craziness
in the coquettish twinkles of your eyes

so I hung myself
from the strings of your hair
to be reborn with charm of
your song

by mohammad ahmadizadeh

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The venomous crows of thoughts fly here with wonderful presentation and imagery. Stepping towards shining sky and stars mind faces moonlight of calmness. Thoughts crawl to light life. Giving hug to self is wise as this awakens life. An interesting perceptional poem is shared on topic of love and spiritual expression.10